Friday, April 27, 2007

I didn't like the old blog. Reading back, do I really take myself that seriously? Still looking for my voice, a story to tell, or rants that matter. Again, this whole page is a shallow attempt for Google search to get my main website higher on their listings.

Some blogs worth note, they keep me sane:
Defective Yeti
disagree with his politics (well, sometimes), but he's damn funny! especially his joke page at:

My New Mexico Politics, by the Master:
Joe is slanted toward the moderate left, putting him squarely centrist for New Mexico.

By the maker of Dilbert
Sometimes thought-provoking, usually silly. Just don't think you know where he stands on an issue, 'cause he's probably just touturing the logical extreme of whatever thought flitted into his head. I used to love reading the rabid reactions to his posts, but they get old fast. Don't take him seriously, ever!

He waits tables for a living, but his calling is writing about the people and dialogs around him. An astute observer of the human condition. A real, sometimes imperfect, person. A great writer.

Kate is good with food, a little militant against Mad-Cow and other overblown-in-the-media-frenzy food safety issues (if there were as big of a problem with food safety in America today, why is the average life span getting older?). She has good recipes, and really good food history & food trend stories. For the foodies out there: